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As a human species, we live by day and rest by night. We have become accustomed to waking as the sun rises and resting once it sets. We work and play in the light whilst sleeping in the dark. We feel comforted in the sun’s rays yet learn to fear the darkness. But what do the nocturnal creatures of our world see? Does the world look the same under the moonlight, or does it change as stars move across the sky?

What happens when we, as diurnal creatures, journey into darkness and experience the world at night?

This is what I have captured in my photographic series, Journey into Darkness.

From the moment I ventured out into the darkness, I realized that the idiom “the dead of night” was misleading. We often think of the darkest part of night as being still, quiet, and uneventful; this was simply not the case. Instead I found that the world was alive, unquiet, and constantly in motion. While the rest of the population slept, the world continued to turn. This often-dismissed period of the day turned out to be eventful and full of

beauty, and it was this passing of time which inspired my series. By capturing lengthy exposures of varying landscapes, the world came

alive with beauty. Our perpetual motion came into focus as the stars circled overhead, illuminating the sky and the earth below.

The resulting images could have never been captured during the day, thus illuminating the darkness of the night.

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