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Think back to the last time you flew in a plane. Do you remember the sights when looking out the window from up in the sky?

The world had visually changed into a seemingly flat surface and was no longer a chaotic urban jungle.  A simple “flight” allows us

to see our world from above and to appreciate it from a whole new perspective. We are seeing as the bird sees, gaining a deeper

appreciation of the world through a mere change in perspective. This used to be an impossible view to document through artistic

imagery, but with the modern advancement of photographic technology coupled with the development of smaller and easier to

control drones, we as photographers now have access to this new perspective through the use of drones and aerial photography.


A New Perspective showcases the beautifully unique views accessible through the use of aerial cameras. We are provided with an

entirely new viewpoint with which to observe and analyze our world. In A New Perspective, I capture photos that literally change our

view of the world: photos which allow us to look at our world differently than we have in the past. It’s amazing how a simple shift in

altitude and angle can change the conceptual appearance of the ground below. In this portfolio, a new perspective, appreciation,

and aesthetic of the world is created through the use of aerial photography.

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