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Gold Coast

After getting very little sleep on the plane I was woken up at 5:00 AM this morning to a small breakfast. Two hours later we touched down at Brisbane’s International Airport. Getting off the plane was a relief but I was immediately thrown into an even more uncomfortable environment, customs. It should have only taken a second because Brisbane has these automatic custom machines that scan your face and match it to your passport. Unfortunately, the machine said my face didn’t match the face that was in my passport so I had to wait in an actual line before clearing security.

After picking up my bags I headed over to the train platform outside of the terminal. When I got on the train I had an entire car to myself and thought it would be a relaxing hour and a half ride down to the Gold Coast, unfortunately I was mistaken. As we neared Brisbane the train quickly filled with the morning commute. I’m not good in confined crowded spaces. After arriving in Helensvale I was set to take a bus to the Gold Coast. This bus ride thought me one thing; never take a bus when carrying 3 large bags… Luckily I managed to survive the bus ride to Southport, and finished my journey to the hotel via a 10 minute walk.

The hotel I was staying at was awesome and all I wanted to do was relax. Unfortunately I did not have that luxury so I headed out to catch a tram to Surfer’s Paradise. Once there I made my way to the main canal and boarded a small boat for a scenic hour long cruise. It was ok; kind of relaxing but not a whole lot of enjoyment. It didn’t help that I was functioning on only a few hours sleep.

After the cruise I had originally planned on walking along the beach and going jet boating however I was so exhausted I had to change my plans so I could get some rest. I finally laid down in my hotel room at around 3:00 PM and had originally planned to nap until 5… I didn’t wake up until 6 the next morning.

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