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I woke up early this morning in attempts to catch the morning light from atop the imposing Mount Wellington. Mount Wellington watches over the city of Hobart from 4,170 feet above. The drive to the top features a very narrow winding road alongside the edges of the mountain. The view from the top cannot be described in words or in pictures as it’s something only those who have been there would understand.

After driving back down the mountain I drove to the town of Kettering where I drove my car onto a ferry to transport me to Bruny Island. Bruny Island is Tasmania’s newest National Park but certainly deserves that certification. Although the coastline isn’t as imposing as that of Tasman Island National Park, Bruny Island’s is still just as magnificent. Along the coast there are deep caverns, blowholes, and towering cliffs. I toured with the same company as I did along Tasman Island but this tour had 5 times as many people. We needed 4 boats to fit us all. That being said once out in the Southern Ocean it felt quite empty (apart from the thousands of seals).

Once making my way back to Tasmania’s mainland I drove to Hobart’s Airport to catch a flight to Perth connecting in Melbourne.

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