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Oahu, Hawaii

By 6:00 AM this morning I was already set up at Sandy Beach, awaiting the sun to arise over the horizon. Interestingly, I must have chosen a very good spot to watch the sunrise as there were about 4 other photographers gathering at the same location, and as the sun appeared we were not dissapointed. The dark blue waves crashed up against the lava rocks on the beach and created a stunning display. By shooting at long exposures I was able to capture the movement of the water as it came up and over the rocks.

I then drove to Makapu'u Point and began the hike to the top of the moutain to photograph lighthouse and the landscapes it overlooked. I was told it was also a great spot to see whales but unfortionately none seemed to be in the waters below. It was a lovely hike and was well worth it.

That evening I relocated my home base from Honolulu to Waimanalo Beach and a beautiful beach house. This house was great as it allowed me instant access to the waters and whatever lay beneath.

After getting settled a once again donned my fins and mask and began an hourlong swim. Duriing this time I took a bunch of photos and luckily for me, the water was quite clear at the time meaning the photos turned out pretty darn good.

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