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The Trip Begins

Today was my travel day. I left my house at 11:30 AM to catch a 1:15 PM flight to Minneapolis. After an hour long flight to Minnesota, I sat at a TGI Fridays in the Minneapolis/St Paul airport for nearly three hours before catching a 5:30 PM flight to LAX. The Los Angeles airport is awful. I spent nearly an hour wandering through the maze of terminals before finding my way to the Virgin Australia ticket counter. Once there I had to fill out travelers forms before I was allowed to go to the international terminal. If you’ve ever been to LAX’s Thomas Bradley International terminal you know how congested it is. Thousands of people yelling in various languages and all trying to get through security. If the crowds weren’t enough I got selected for 3 random security checks and lost my wallet in the process. Luckily it had just fallen off the x-ray machine. I made my way through the massive terminal to my gate and boarded Virgin Australia flight 8 set to arrive in Brisbane 14 hours after take off.

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