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I woke up early this morning to meet up with Rockingham Wild Adventure whom would take me to swim with the wild dolphins off the shores or Perth. After about an hour long drive we arrived in the suburb of Rockingham where we boarded our vessel for the day. After departing the jetty, it took us about 20 minutes to come across our first dolphins. We immediately slid into the water and began our swim. As the dolphin swam around us I used my brand new underwater camera to snap a few shots before they eventually swam away.

We got out of the water but only were dry for a few minutes as we jumped back in as more dolphins appeared. This cycle continued for about an hour before we ended our swimming session.

On our way to a nearby bay, our boat captain revved the engine so the boat kicked up a large wave behind us. Almost immediately three dolphins were frolicking in our wake. They followed us for a few minutes before returning to their normal lives.

We reach a calm bay and were told we had some time to swim. I immediately dove in and explored the underwater world. Returning back to the surface 20 minutes later we ate a quick lunch and returned to shore.

I was shuttled back to my hotel where I relaxed for about 2 hours before catching a taxi to the Perth airport en route to Auckland overnight.

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